Why I went vegan (and lost over 50 pounds)…
– by Anja Cass

In July of 2012 I returned from a 3 month European vacation, overweight and drained of energy.

Having reached my highest weight ever at 83.2kg, I decided it was time to take control of my constant yo-yoing weight.

Around the same time I also had health issues which took me to the doctor… and ultimately it was found that I had a heart aneurysm known as a “bulging ascending aorta”.

I couldn’t believe it! I was young… how could I have heart issues?

The reality of eating a crappy diet set in – Aneurysms result from weakening of the wall of an artery and can be fatal!

I started to research the internet and look at what options I had.

Low and behold, I found The China Study.

This changed my life in the best way ever!

Almost overnight I cut out all dairy, meat and eggs and started to eat a plant-based diet – I became… Vegan!

I started to lose weight (24 kilos/50 Pounds in 4 months), I had loads of energy and my blood tests showed that my bad cholesterol levels dropped BIG TIME! My doctor was happy and so was I 🙂

The hardest part of this was finding great recipes and foods that I could make taste great.

Always loving a challenge, I played in the kitchen every day, went to health food stores and learnt about new ingredients, and watched a lot of youtube to learn from others.

Since then I’ve been cooking up a storm for family and friends and always get asked for my recipes… so here they are 🙂

I hope my story inspires you and helps you on your own path to health and vitality.

Yours in cooking and eating,

Anja Cass