My Vegan breakfast Recipes focus on fast, easy and delicious. If you are on the run try a high energy smoothie. Just back from the gym? Try a high protein tofu scramble. There is something for everyone here!

Oat Banana Waffles
Easy 2 Ingredient WafflesIf you want to learn how to make waffles from scratch and are looking for a fool-proof super easy waffle recipe, the this is it! Just 2 ingredients and some water. YUM! This recipe is 100% plant based vegan and tastes so good! No dairy or eggs! It is a delicious high carb vegan waffle recipe that's great for breakfast, lunch or dinner! If you're following a McDougall diet, then this also meets the criteria 🙂
vegan apple pie smoothie
Apple Pie SmoothieIn a hurry? Want a healthy breakfast? Then this is it! A delicious and creamy apple pie smoothie that is packed with nutrition and is the perfect breakfast for those on the run.
apple pie smoothie bowl vegan recipes
Apple Pie Smoothie BowlThis apple pie smoothie bowl tastes great and is loaded with nutrition! Whether you are looking for a quick breakfast idea or just feel like something sweet and delicious, then this hits the spot. Enjoy!
plant based dairy free banana oatmeal smoothie
Banana Oatmeal SmoothieIn a hurry? Want a healthy breakfast? Then this is it! A delicious and creamy banana oatmeal smoothie that is packed with nutrition and is the perfect breakfast for those on the run.
Breakfast Berry Bowl with Chia & MuesliChef Adam is over for breakfast and shows us how to make a breakfast berry bowl with chia seeds and bircher muesli. This is a quick, easy and healthy vegan breakfast that tastes absolutely fantastic and is great for you.
lentil bruschetta
My Favorite Plant Based Lentil Breakfast Dish - Lentil BruschettaLentil Bruschetta for breakfast (lunch or dinner too) is one of my favorite go-to meals. It's loaded with lots of fresh flavors and keeps you full for hours. I love eating this after a workout or when I know I have a big day ahead of me. So tasty and delicious!
chocolate peanut butter mousse breakfast bowl
Chocolate Peanut Butter Breakfast BowlThis rich and tasty chocolate peanut butter breakfast bowl is like a smoothie mousse and is a perfect recipe to serve up for valentine's day breakfast! This is true vegan love and decadence in a bowl!
Chocolate Banana Smoothie
Chocolate Peanut Butter SmoothieThis chocolate peanut butter smoothie is a great dairy free alternative to a traditional thick shake. It is decadent and rich... almost like a breakfast and dessert all rolled into one! This is not an everyday food for me, but a great whole food plant based treat that is 100% vegan.
Vegan Breakfast Smoothie
Crazy Quick Breakfast SmoothieThis yummy fruit breakfast smoothie is crazy quick to make and will give you a great start to the day! Great for anyone looking for weight loss or extra energy boost - have a quick breakfast on the run!
Banana Polenta Porridge
Creamed Banana Rice Polenta PorridgeThis tasty creamed banana rice and polenta porridge recipe is a great vegan breakfast idea or dessert pudding.
Creamy Orange Banana SmoothieDo you struggle to make yourself a healthy breakfast? Or do you struggle for time in the mornings? Then this creamy 2 minute orange banana smoothie is perfect! Just a few simple ingredients that combine into an amazing start to the day. Enjoy!
vegan chocolate mousse
Creamy Vegan Chocolate MousseThis is a super creamy vegan chocolate mousse that is great for anyone wanting to eat a healthy and whole food plant based diet. It is also ideal for anyone that has dairy allergies. I love this for breakfast or for a quick and easy snack at any time of the day. It is also impressive to serve as a dessert at dinner parties and fun to let guests guess what the ingredients are 🙂
tofu scramble
Curried Tofu ScrambleThis curried tofu scramble is so tasty... it is a fantastic vegan substitute for traditional scrambled eggs - but healthy for you!
vegan tofu scramble recipe
Curry Tofu ScrambleThis easy curried tofu scramble is a great vegan breakfast recipe that anyone can make. Simple ingredients and only takes minutes to cook up.
vegan pumpkin pancakes recipe
Pumpkin Pancakes with Peanut Maple Sauce!These Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes are moist and fluffy and best of all are oil free! Served with a peanut, maple and vanilla spiced sauce... you won't get a better start to your day. This is the ultimate vegan breakfast recipe! Enjoy...
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