FAQ Friday: Does Being Vegan Make You Lose Weight (Plus Meet My Husband)!

Welcome to my first episode of FAQ Friday where I answer the question: Does Being Vegan Make You Lose Weight. I'm joined by my husband and we give our views and experiences to answer your questions about a plant based lifestyle or anything vegan related that you would like to know about. Enjoy xx [...]

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Episode 1: My Vegan Story – ANJA CASS (Interview Series)

My vegan story interview series is a collection of interviews with vegans that will share what made them become vegan or plant based and why they did it. To kick off this series, I share my personal story about health, weight loss, energy, ethics and more with you. I am being interviewed by my friend [...]

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10 Vegan CHEESE Recipes That You Can Make at Home!

Cheese is one of the hardest things for people to give up when they go vegan or eat plant based. It is addictive and full of cholesterol, saturated fats and casein protein that has been linked to many western diseases. So it's great to know that you can have dairy-free versions that are healthy for [...]

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10 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes That Are Easy to Make!

While we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, my Canadian and US friends do. So to help you gives thanks in a healthy and delicious way, here I have my top "10 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes That Are Easy to Make!" Lasagne Style Potato Bake If you have some extra time up your sleeve and want to [...]

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10 Healthy Vegan Junk Food Recipes To Help You Lose Weight!

Before I became vegan I always struggled to lose weight - and most of all, keep it off! As soon as I started eating a 100% plant based diet, I started losing weight almost instantly. In fact, I lost over 50 pounds within about 5 months. Best of all, I found that I could still [...]

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Epically Ethical Thanksgiving Dinner Collaboration!

Exciting News! To celebrate thanksgiving , Emily from #bitesizevegan invited me to be a part of this #epicallyethicalthanksgivingdinner collaboration. My spiced pumpkin soup with cinnamon cashew cream will feature in collaboration with 8 other vegan channels... we have all cooked different dishes that you can make at home - 100% ethical and plant based food [...]

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