10 minute Pizza
10 minute PizzaToday I show you how to make a quick and easy pizza that tastes great. This is a fast way to have a hot lunch on the table in less than 15 minutes. Best of all, it is plant based vegan and is a great way to use up any leftovers you have in your fridge. Just use some pita bread or Lebanese bread as the base and you will be done in just minutes 🙂 My favorite is middle eastern pizza with hummus and falafels... but any toppings works fine.
Oat Banana Waffles
Easy 2 Ingredient WafflesIf you want to learn how to make waffles from scratch and are looking for a fool-proof super easy waffle recipe, the this is it! Just 2 ingredients and some water. YUM! This recipe is 100% plant based vegan and tastes so good! No dairy or eggs! It is a delicious high carb vegan waffle recipe that's great for breakfast, lunch or dinner! If you're following a McDougall diet, then this also meets the criteria 🙂
Chocolate Orange Mousse
2 minute Chocolate Orange Mousse - YUMThis chocolate orange mousse is so easy to make and tastes amazing 🙂 Best of all it has no dairy and is 100% plant-based vegan! Great for a quick snack, dessert or to serve at parties...YUM!
2 Minute Matcha Ice Cream with Baklava SprinklesIf you are looking for a low fat vegan ice cream recipe that tastes great and will wow your taste buds, then this is it. Made from a frozen banana base, this creamy dessert is healthy and heart friendly... and best of all, tastes amazing 🙂 This 100% plant based based matcha ice cream is full of antioxidants and only takes minutes to make. Enjoy!
healthy apricot bliss balls recipe
3 Ingredient Apricot Bliss Balls
vegan apple pie smoothie
Apple Pie SmoothieIn a hurry? Want a healthy breakfast? Then this is it! A delicious and creamy apple pie smoothie that is packed with nutrition and is the perfect breakfast for those on the run.
Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce
Apple Strudel Rice Paper Rolls with Creamy Vanilla SauceThese apple strudel rice paper rolls are perfect served with creamy vanilla sauce and they make for a simple and delicious dessert that looks great too! It's my dad's birthday today so I am making these instead of a cake... yum, my taste buds are enjoying the party!
Asparagus Puffs
Asparagus PuffsThese asparagus puffs are a quick and easy vegan snack and great for kids lunch boxes (or adult's lunch boxes). Super tasty and kid approved! 100% plant based.
Banana Choc Chip Muffins
Banana Chocolate Chip MuffinsBanana Chocolate Chip muffins are always a hit with kids & adults alike. You can also easily adapt this vegan muffin recipe to your preferred style using sultanas, date chunks, dried fruit etc instead of chocolate chips. Fast and easy to make with minimal ingredients, yet really delicious. This is my kind of vegan cooking!
Banana Blueberry Icecream
Banana Ice cream with Blueberry SwirlSo fast, so simple and so yummy! Most people just do not realise that it's almost all Banana!
beefless vegan meatballs, meat substitute,meatless,meat free, gluten free
Beefless Vegan Meatballs
vegan beetroot hummus dip
Beetroot Hummus DipThis Beetroot Hummus is the perfect dip for any party, get together or just as a quick snack. I have made this in celebration of valentine's day because of the lovely pink and red look of this hummus... but regardless of what time of year or what color, this is truly one of the best tasting hummus recipes I have ever created! Give it a try and let me know what you think!
black hummus vegan halloween recipe
Black Hummus Halloween Recipe!
Breakfast Berry Bowl with Chia & MuesliChef Adam is over for breakfast and shows us how to make a breakfast berry bowl with chia seeds and bircher muesli. This is a quick, easy and healthy vegan breakfast that tastes absolutely fantastic and is great for you.
baked vegan donuts
Caramel Coconut Baked Vegan DonutsIndulge your taste buds with these tasty vegan caramel coconut donuts. This is a simple baked vegan donuts recipe that you can have on the table in under 20 minutes!
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