Whether you are a 100% plant based vegan, or you are just looking to eat healthier, it can be a challenge when you want to eat out at a cafe or restaurant.

Here are 5 handy plant based eating out tips to help you:

plant based eating out

plant based eating out

1. Check the Menu Before You Go

If possible, get a copy of the menu from the restaurant you will be going to. Most places have their menu online these days. Have a look through and try and pick something that you think will be vegan. Keep in mind that a lot of pastas and breads do include egg as an ingredient. Be prepared with your preferred options and when you get to the restaurant (or call first) ask the wait staff to check if your meal has any meat, dairy or eggs.

2. Call the Restaurant beforehand

It is often a good idea to call the restaurant beforehand to see what vegan options they have available. Quite often, given enough time, the kitchen will organise something for you if  there is nothing available off the menu.

3. How to Choose Your Plant Based Meal

When you go to a cafe or restaurant you’ve never been to before, always look at the “Vegetarian” options first and then go through those options to see which ones may have egg or dairy – and either leave those options or ask if it can be made without egg or dairy.

4. Allergies vs Vegan

It is often much easier to say that you have an egg and dairy allergy, as opposed to being vegan. The wait staff are always very helpful this way because they don’t want you to collapse at the table if you eat something you have an allergy to!

5. Eat Before You Go Out

Another tip for eating out or going out to non plant-based restaurants, is to eat before you go. Have a healthy meal before you go out so you don’t feel hungry when are out. This way you can just have a light salad or some steamed vegetables and a drink or two – all the while enjoying the great company of those around you 🙂