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Vegan Friends Cookbook – Author: Anja Cass (Cooking With Plants)



Vegan Friends Cookbook – 19 Chefs, 5 Continents, 95 Amazing Recipes!

Produced by popular youtube cook, Anja Cass of Cooking With Plants, The Vegan Friends Cookbook brings together 19 of the world’s most talented vegan cooks and chefs. A collection of their favorite vegan recipes from around the world, this is a truly unique plant based cookbook to add to your collection.

All 95 recipes represent their diverse cultural backgrounds and an amazing fusion of tasty delights from Asia, India, the Americas, Middle East and Europe. So many different flavors and styles that will take your vegan cooking to a whole new level! Each recipe has a full color photograph and detailed step by step instructions on how to create the dish.

As the owner of this book you have the opportunity to not only try a wider range of recipes, but to connect with your favorite cook/chef through their contact details included in the “Biographies” section of this book.

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions
Full color photographs for all recipes 

Also available as:

vegan friends vegan kindle cookbook

What others are saying

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★★★★ A Must Have Cookbook – Christine
The recipes are and so easy to make. I love that there is a color photo with every recipe and even my non-vegan friends love the dishes from your cookbook!

★★★★★ Thumbs Up From Me – Wendy
My old cookbooks are gathering dust now. This is my new go-to for every day meals.

★★★★★ So Easy To Make! – Peter
Some cookbooks are so complicated to follow. But yours is great. Simple instructions, simple ingredients. Better still is that they taste fantastic. This is by far my favorite cookbook out of all the ones I own. I definitely buy any other cookbooks you put out, because it’s just the best. 


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