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Golden Garlic Aioli that you won’t believe is vegan (Low Fat, Low Calorie, No Oil)!

This creamy vegan golden garlic aioli only uses a few simple ingredients and no oil! It's so easy to make and is ready to use in minutes. It is one of my favorite vegan aioli recipes to make as it can be used for dipping potato wedges, in potato salad, mixed through pasta, as [...]

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Vegan Garlic Aioli Sauce – No Oil Recipe!

This vegan garlic aioli sauce is so tasty! I literally put it on EVERYTHING. It's great on potato, sweet potato, spiralized zucchini, pasta... or just as a dip for freshly cut vegetables such as carrot and bell peppers. I love my sauces and condiments and they are always a hit. By having something tasty with [...]

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