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Vegan Parmesan Cheese Recipe – Nut Free!

You'll Want To Put This Vegan Parmesan Cheese Recipe  on EVERYTHING! (Nut Free, Plant Based, High Protein!) This easy substitute is quick to make and best of all, is nut free and high in protein! I love to use this on top of pasta dishes, mashed potatoes, soups, sandwiches and so much more. The [...]

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Chocolate Cherry Pie Smoothie – So Creamy & Delicious!

Chocolate Cherry Pie Smoothie - You'll Want To Make This Rich Creamy Vegan Shake EVERY Day! This chocolate cherry pie smoothie is quick to make and is one of the tastiest (if not the tastiest) vegan smoothies I've ever had. The simple ingredients combine to make the most decadent tasting shake ever. You'll feel [...]

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Chocolate Hazelnut Spread aka. Vegan Nutella!

Who else loves chocolate spread for breakfast or over fruit? This simple vegan nutella recipe is quick and easy to make and will get rid of those sweet cravings quickly. I love having this home made vegan nutella on toast with banana or as a dipping sauce for strawberries... Ingredients: SERVES 4 2 tbsp [...]

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Chocolate Potato Pudding! WHAT????

Chocolate potato pudding that tastes like a decadent dessert without the guilt... I say "Yes please"! This is the best chocolate pudding recipe ever - you won't believe it's low fat vegan. Not only is this delicious low fat pudding 100% plant based, but it is made using potatoes! This makes it a very [...]

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Vegan Chocolate Rum Balls | Easy Nut Free Recipe

These vegan chocolate rum balls are so easy to make and is nut free for those with allergies. Add as much or as little rum as you like and enjoy these straight from the fridge or freezer if not eating them straight away. For an extra festive touch, serve these with my vegan eggless nog. [...]

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Easy Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

If you're looking for an easy vegan chocolate cupcakes recipe, then this is it. Also included is a healthy frosting and some chocolate decoration ideas to put on the top.

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