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Creamed Mushroom and Lentil Pasta Sauce (No Oil & Vegan)

This creamed mushroom and lentil pasta sauce is not only super tasty, but also filling. Loaded with iron rich lentils and thickened with chickpea flour, this is a nutrient boosting sauce that will keep you energized and healthy. It is easy to adapt and the video at the top of this page demonstrates that [...]

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Hearty Mushroom Lentil Burger

This meatless burger recipe is so tasty that you will not believe it is meatless! Full of flavor and healthy goodness, this is a great meat free hamburger to serve to both carnivores and plant eaters alike. Kids also love these :-) This is a super easy recipe to follow and make right at home in your kitchen... meat free, mouth watering and healthy.

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