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Best Vegan Potato Salad – No Oil, No Mayo!

This is the best vegan oil free potato salad recipe ever! It's super easy to make and packed with nutrient dense ingredients... plus it tastes amazing! It uses no oil and no mayo, so it is heart friendly, healthy and surprisingly good for you. I created this using the Mix and Match Meal Plan [...]

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No Oil Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing – Nut Free (Healthy Recipe)!

This no oil vegan caesar salad dressing is amazing! Not only is it oil free, but it is also nut free. It's hard to believe that this recipe is actually healthy and low calorie. Now you can avoid the extra fat and calories and load your salad, veges, pasta or even potato salad with [...]

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Best Ever Curried Potato Salad – Tasty Low Fat Recipe Without Oil!

This curried potato salad ticks all the boxes - tasty, healthy and quick to make. It's the perfect side dish or have it as a main meal on your own. It will easily store in the fridge for 3 to 5 days in an airtight container. I love the dressing in this curried potato [...]

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Chocolate Potato Pudding! WHAT????

Chocolate potato pudding that tastes like a decadent dessert without the guilt... I say "Yes please"! This is the best chocolate pudding recipe ever - you won't believe it's low fat vegan. Not only is this delicious low fat pudding 100% plant based, but it is made using potatoes! This makes it a very [...]

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Vegan Pesto Potato Salad… Colors = Nutrients and Flavor!

This delicious vegan Pesto Potato salad is super easy to make and packed with nutrient dense ingredients... plus it tastes amazing! I created this using the Mix and Match Meal Plan system from the Cooking With Plants Meal Prep Made Easy Course. It's important to include a variety of starch and non-starch based vegetables [...]

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Zucchini Flax Flatbread, Pizza Base OR Crackers — 3 in 1 Recipe That’s Gluten Free & Vegan!

This zucchini flax batter is so easy to make and you can use it to make flat bread, pizza base or crackers, just by adjusting the amount of time you cook it for. I actually cook this in the microwave in less than 10 minutes, but you can also bake it in the oven. I [...]

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Plant Based Breakfast Scramble – Loaded Potato Scramble!

There are so many plant based breakfast scramble recipes that use tofu or chickpea flour, but today I want to introduce you to my all time favorite. This loaded potato scramble has beans and vegetables mixed in to give you a super boost to start your day. You'll have energy and feel satisfied after this [...]

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Vegan Spanish Omelette – Gluten Free Recipe!

This vegan spanish omelette is a budget friendly tasty meal that is quick and easy to make. Filled with comforting potatoes, this is perfect for a hearty breakfast. I also like to have this for lunch or dinner with a BIG salad. For some tasty salad dressings and condiments that would complete this meal, check [...]

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Antipasto Potato Salad – Oil Free Vegan!

Antipasto Potato Salad - Oil Free Vegan! - This quick and easy antipasto potato salad is perfect for a healthy vegan lunch on the go. It travels well and is perfect for a picnic and party food! - Pre-cooked potatoes (I used kipflers boiled, steamed and cold from fridge), Jar Artichoke Hearts (no oil), Jar [...]

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