Alcohol Free Vanilla ExtractSave money and make your own alcohol free vanilla extract. It's so simple to do and all you need is just a few basic ingredients. Give it a try and you'll never buy store bought again 🙂
best ever tahini sauce
Best Ever 2 Minute Tahini DressingToday I'm joined again by Chef Ismail Tosun for part 2 of my Middle Eastern cooking series. Learn how to make the best ever restaurant quality tahini dressing in just minutes. No yoghurt, no oil... and so delicious!
Grilled Pepper Pesto
Chargrilled Red Pepper PestoThis chargrilled red pepper pesto is simple to make and is a flavor sensation! Mix it through pasta, have it as a dip, put it on sandwiches, top potatoes... the options are endless - and all delicious!
Cheaters "No Cook" Apricot Rosemary Vegan Stuffing
Creamy Parsley & Avocado Dressing
Creamy Parsley and Avocado DressingThis creamy parsley and avocado dressing has no added oil and is so tasty that you would never guess it's healthy. A great whole food plant based dressing that you can use on green salad, potatoes or pasta. What a great way to get in extra greens!
Vegan creamy sweet potato dressing
Creamy Sweet Potato Dressing
curry satay sauce vegan recipe
Curry Satay SauceToday I show you how to make a curry satay sauce that requires no cooking and uses only 3 simple ingredients. Put on rice, potatoes, beans, vegetables or salad... or use as a dip for tofu skewers and much more. This is perfect to make a quick vegan meal on the go!
dairy free creamy dressing
Dairy Free Creamy Salad DressingThis is the best creamy dairy free salad dressing ever! You won't believe that it is a vegan recipe and has no oil, no egg and no dairy. It is a healthy homemade vegan dressing that is so rich and creamy that it will have you craving more. You might even become addicted like me and put it on anything and everything in your fridge and pantry!
Dr McDougall Vegan Gravy
Dr John McDougall's Fat Free Golden Gravy RecipeHere is how to make Dr John McDougall's (Starch Solution) Fat Free Golden Gravy. It's so tasty and great over mashed potatoes, with thick cut home made fries... or anything at all really lol
Peanut Satay Sauce
Easy Peanut Satay SauceThis thai inspired peanut satay sauce only takes minutes to make and is a simple stir and serve recipe. It is great served with noodles or rice, or as a dipping sauce for rice paper rolls and satay skewers. The options are endless. So quick and simple, yet packs the most amazing flavor punch to any dish you serve it with. YUM!
5 minute vegetable stock
Five Minute Vegetable StockToday I show you how to make a tasty homemade vegetable stock in just 5 minutes. Fresh, tasty and so easy to make, this broth will add extra zing and zip to any dish that you are going to make that call for vegetable stock. You don't even need to turn your stove on! It doesn't get any fresher than this. Homemade - vegan - easy!
Instant Cup Of Soup Mix!
Soy Yoghurt
Soy YoghurtThis soy yoghurt is easy to make and you don't need any special probiotics etc to make it 🙂 Best of all it has no dairy and is 100% plant-based vegan! Woop Woop! Bon Appetit!
No Batter Fruit Bread Waffles with Cinnamon Cashew Cream!These fruit bread waffles are so easy to make and the cinnamon cashew cream makes them even more of a winner! Great for a quick vegan breakfast or dessert, you'll want to make these again and again!
no cook instant blender gravy
No Cook Instant Blender GravyIf you want a super quick no cook gravy that takes just minutes to make in your blender, then this is it. I love this with hot no oil fries or served with mashed potatoes... but basically this will make anything tastes amazing! So easy to make and no need to turn on the stove. Enjoy!
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