This tasty vegan pumpkin pie pudding is one of my favorite things to have when I need a quick breakfast.

It’s also great as a dessert or as a quick snack during the day.

If you watch the full recipe video, I give you lots of options on how you can vary up this vegan pumpkin pie pudding by substituting the base ingredients with others.

I just love how simple this recipe is and how great it tastes!


170g/1 cup coconut yoghurt (variation ideas: soy yoghurt, almond yoghurt, silken tofu, oatmeal, chia and plant milk gel, oatmeal/yoghurt combo)
1/3 cup/80g pumpkin puree (or sweet potato, butternut squash)
dash cinnamon
dash vanilla extract
1 tsp maple syrup, or more to taste (or date paste, apricot jam, apple sauce)


1 tbsp chopped walnuts (or almonds, cacao nibs, fruit, hemp seeds etc)


Place all ingredients except toppings in a bowl and whisk together until everything is smooth and creamy.

Top with chopped walnuts or toppings of your choice.

Watch the video at the top of the page for full visual instructions.

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