vegan potato salad, oil free, plant based potato salad
Antipasto Potato Salad - Oil Free Vegan!This quick and easy antipasto potato salad is perfect for a healthy vegan lunch on the go. It travels well and is perfect for a picnic and party food!
Asparagus Puffs
Asparagus PuffsThese asparagus puffs are a quick and easy vegan snack and great for kids lunch boxes (or adult's lunch boxes). Super tasty and kid approved! 100% plant based.
vegan beetroot hummus dip
Beetroot Hummus DipThis Beetroot Hummus is the perfect dip for any party, get together or just as a quick snack. I have made this in celebration of valentine's day because of the lovely pink and red look of this hummus... but regardless of what time of year or what color, this is truly one of the best tasting hummus recipes I have ever created! Give it a try and let me know what you think!
dairy free vegan recipes broccoli salad orange tahini dressing
Broccoli Salad with Orange Tahini DressingThis tasty broccoli salad is taken to a whole new level thanks to the orange tahini dressing. Such a delicious salad dressing that is quick and easy to makes and will make your taste buds party!
cajun chickpea carrot salad vegan recipes
Cajun Chickpea & Carrot SaladThis delicious Cajun Chickpea and Carrot Salad packs a flavor punch and is so fresh and tasty. Great on its own or as a side to fries, vegan burgers etc.
Cauliflower Potato Garlic Dip
Cauliflower, Potato & Garlic DipA hearty and delicious warm dip with some garlic kick! It's plenty flexible for other flavours like chilli, rice based miso, nutritional flakes.
avocado spinach artichoke dip - vegan recipe
Creamy Avocado Spinach Artichoke DipThis Creamy Avocado Spinach Artichoke Dip is an easy dairy free vegan recipe that you can make in just minutes. Fresh, tasty and healthy with the added benefit of no oil 🙂
vegan german potato salad
Creamy German Potato SaladThis Creamy German Potato Salad recipe is super tasty, easy to make and 100% vegan! If you have a dairy allergy or are eating a whole food plant based diet, then you will be happy to eat this 🙂 No cholesterol and full of flavor, you won't even believe that this delicious creamy potato salad is healthy.
vegan creamy spinach and white bean dip
Creamy Vegan Spinach and White Bean DipThis creamy spinach and white bean dip is an easy dairy free vegan recipe that you can make in just minutes. Fresh, tasty and healthy with the added benefit of no oil 🙂
creamy vegan coleslaw
Creamy Vegan ColeslawThis is the best ever creamy vegan coleslaw! So quick and easy to make, and it's dairy free and has no added oil. Healthy and tasty - and whole food plant based... YUM! This is one of my favorite vegan recipes and is great as a side or to have as a meal by itself.
Crusty Home Made BreadIn this video I show you how to make this easy no knead rustic bread recipe for delicious crusty homemade bread that tastes great! Best of all this is a no knead dough recipe - quick, easy and delicious... the way I like to cook 🙂 This is a simple and tasty vegan bread recipe that I like to make to go with soup or stews... or with some jam for a dessert toasty!
Vegan Dairy free Potato Mash
Dairy Free Herbed Mashed PotatoesThis is a super easy vegan recipe with no added fat - so it is great for anyone following the starch solution (dr john mcdougall) or raw till 4 etc. It is rich, creamy, full of flavor and totally healthy! Best of all it is 100% dairy free plant based vegan with no cholesterol.
Date and Walnut Vegan CheeseThis is a great recipe for homemade date and walnut vegan cheese that can be made with just a few simple ingredients. Quick and easy to make, this is great to serve with a fresh fruit platter or as part of a vegan cheese platter with crackers and nuts.
Dr McDougall Vegan Gravy
Dr John McDougall's Fat Free Golden Gravy RecipeHere is how to make Dr John McDougall's (Starch Solution) Fat Free Golden Gravy. It's so tasty and great over mashed potatoes, with thick cut home made fries... or anything at all really lol
Baked Vegetable Parcels
Baked Vegetable ParcelsThis is much more of a guide than a recipe. In this latest video I really wanted to show how easy it can be to take some vegetables and combine them with whatever herbs, spices and condiments you have on hand and turn them into super tasty! It's perfect for both adults and children alike and can be served as a quick meal or as a gourmet addition to any fancy feast!
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